About Us

We're a colorful studio based in Akron, Ohio churning out colorful imagery everyday.

The Studio

We kinda have a thing with color.

When our founder, Amy Shamblen, started her freelance career as a content creator, she quickly became inundated with inquiries from small businesses wanting her unique imagery. Wanting to help them all but not having enough hands to do so, she came to the solution of creating a membership that would allow all businesses—big or small—to a library of amazingly powerful images.

Our Mission

Starting a business nowadays is easier than ever—but maintaining one, not so much. Our mission is to open up a new opportunity for all businesses to have access to an affordable option with impactful images. When you succeed, we all succeed.

Our Vision

Let’s make your business more successful and this world more beautiful, one image at a time.

Our Founder

Amy Shamblen is a creative director and photographer creating bespoke photography and animations for brands worldwide. When she’s not posting to Instagram or creating new work, you can find her snuggling with her two Shih Tzu pups.


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